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Revenue Generation
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Participating in our program will provide a low-cost, secondary revenue stream for your business. We have built the infrastructure necessary to get you up and running quickly with minimal expense and internal disruption.

Positioned as your strategic partner, we work with you to build a stable, consistent source of revenue for your business.

Please note that compensation is pursuant to respective state regulations. Permissible types of compensation may differ between states.

Utilizing our services you will receive compensation beyond a one-time sale. Your organization can benefit from the income generated by policy renewals. Supported by our innovative customer retention programs, these renewals can last for many years.

In addition to renewal business, you benefit from any cross-sales activity - giving you the ability to generate revenue from various insurance products that might normally fall outside the scope of your industry.

For example, while you may focus on real estate as your core business, your organization can benefit from the sale of a health policy.

Stabilize Cash Flow
Most industries are cyclical. Developing additional sources of revenue can help shield your organization from the fluctuations experienced in your primary market.

Participating in our program gives you access to low-cost, secondary revenue generators with little initial cash outlay, low operational overhead and a low risk of failure.

Monthly Statements
On a monthly basis you will receive a summary statement and the corresponding compensation for the policies/products that have been sold.

The monthly statement itemizes the premiums paid and other relevant payments made by your customers for the given month along with the associated compensation.

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