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Fully-Licensed, Dedicated CSRs
Our clients are assigned a fully licensed, dedicated CSR(s) to handle work requests and assist customers with their insurance needs. Your CSR is the primary point of contact with the service center and can handle a wide array of general insurance issues. If a particular issue requires more specialized knowledge, your CSR will help you and/or your customers work with one of our Product Specialists.

Response Time
In many industries the need for a quick procurement of insurance is common. For example, borrowers often approach closing dates without the necessary insurance in place. While short-notice execution is never simple, we are skilled at expediting requests and keeping pending transactions on track.

Track Customer Activity Online
Clients can access NetPASS, our online management tool. Whenever your CSR works with one of your customers an entry is created in an activity log associated with that customer. You can view the activity for all of your customers: calls, tasks and work requests.

Transition to a Licensed Entity
A secondary revenue source always carries with it the possibility of becoming a more significant part of your organization. As you grow, you may wish to restructure and establish new operational boundaries. We can help facilitate the transition. We'll work with you to bring an insurance operation in-house, establishing focused business units at the size and pace that suits your needs.

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Product availability varies by state. Licensed to sell insurance in MO and IL.
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