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Community Partners Program
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Fundraising with the Community Partners Program can help create a stable and recurring source of income for your organization. When your supporters purchase an insurance policy through the Community Partners Program or simply transfer an existing policy to the program, your organization can receive funding.

Quality Products from World-Class Insurers
Products available through the Community Partners Program are from world-class insurers and nearly all types of insurance products are eligible: from personal auto to large commercial accounts. There are no additional or hidden costs. These are the same competitive products consumers expect.

Promotional and Support Services
When you enroll in the Community Partners Program, you will have access to all of the tools and resources necessary to effectively communicate and promote the program to your members and supporters.

Over 25 Years of Responsibility and Service
CONSUMERS FIRST has provided insurance services for over 25 years and has a history of superior service. This reputation has been built by taking the time to educate consumers and properly insure them at a fair price.

CONSUMERS FIRST can help you create a stable financial base to help you realize your mission.

Program features vary by state in accordance with respective laws, please contact our team to discuss the options available to your organization.

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CONSUMERS FIRST presents a check to school-based drug education program.

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Available features may vary based on the laws of your state or province.
Product availability varies by state. Licensed to sell insurance in MO and IL.
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